Live@5 Day!

After arriving in the studio to begin working at 9 o’clock, I found myself to be the only person their, then after double checking the time on moodle I noticed the time had been changed from 9 to 10. After Pete showed up it was between me and Nigel to decide who was the producer, and I took on the role.
I really enjoyed having the responsibility, I work well under pressure, making quick decisions etc. after collaborating with the Live@5’s producer on what graphics they wanted, we began work, I had four team member and set them going on different graphics each, my reasoning for doing this was I am confident with after effects, so I could float around and tweak the graphics as they were being made, and be there for help if it was needed.
We had to have the graphics ready for 2 o’clock, and we had them done by 12:30, so we had nothing else to do, I asked there producer if they would like any more things done and he said they were set, so we had a lunch break, after returning Pete asked us if we would make the World News graphics, which having 5 hours or so to kill, we did, and I again I set the team on different graphics and helped out were I was needed, keeping a close contact with the producer.
The World news crew were very appreciative and happy with what we made, and they seemed a lot more organised with what they wanted, for starters they gave us a specific description of they wanted, which made making it clear for us, however the Live@5 crew expected us to just come up with them, which did at some points feel like we were banging our heads against a brick wall, and then they gave us criticism for our graphics, and I replied by telling them to be more clear with what they want in future, to avoid making their show look amateur. Them seemed to take the advice onboard.
The graphics I made for the show was the surf report and the football score table, and I was disheartened with what I made, I could of made it so much better and more visually stimulating, but they kept telling me to leave it plain, bland with no transitions whatsoever, this made their news report look dull, it didn’t complement anything they did, so it was a bit of a shamble, but the client is always right.
They also tried to tell us about mistakes in the Aston’s, which was their error on the notes they scribbled down for us, which there lecturer gave them a talking to about, saying they weren’t allowed to blame graphics for their simple mistake. We didn’t really face any major obstacles throughout the day, the only problem we had was with the communication with the other crew, which admittedly got quite frustrating but we pulled through by using our own ideas as a group on what it should look like, as they gave us terrible guidelines of what they wanted from us.
The surf report I made used a piece of stock footage from the video compositors tool kit, which was a beautiful HD slow motion water movement, with a table over the top showing the tide times, it was all made in After Effects using simplistic tools and took mo time whatsoever, and the football table, in my opinion was disgusting, it think they needed it quick because they were behind on editing their package together, but still, in the time I had, I could of made something more professional, but once he saw the start of it, the basic building blocks, he told me to put some colour on the words “Falmouth Town” and then he would just use that, I was gobsmacked at the lack of professionalism within their work.
They didn’t seem appreciative of anything we done for them, which bugged me a bit because we tried to give them something good, and they were snatching it away from us before we could make it to an industry standard, which is what I wanted my team and I to achieve.
We had a fantastic title strap built, which most of the credit for it goes to Sasha, but we had a great animated title strap, and it was ready for them at 12, I rang and told the producer all 8 straps were ready and to come and pick them, he replied he would be up straight away, an hour and a half later he came to collect them, by the time he got it to their avid studious, it was to late for them to add it to the packages, so we had to cut them down to jpeg’s, cut the effects off of them, and then leave them plain, and there editors slapped them on the screen live, and it looked awful, no subtlety to it at all.
I feel my team and I really worked well together throughout the day, we kept high communication with each other, we all chipped in on everything, everybody gave ideas and we expanded on them as a group, I felt I lead very well and hit the ground running. I think we were the first group so far to get the live@5 and World News graphics done, which is a nice feeling to know that we pushed ourselves, I expected a lot from my team and got more, and I am very proud of the day.
All in all today made me question what I believe to be a industry standard of work, I believe everything I make should be good enough to se on television, and should look the part, I could never be happy settling for something I know could be better, but maybe I am working at to much of a high standard already, or maybe I am setting my goals to high and overcomplicating things, but then again, this is my learning style, I set myself challenges, I wouldn’t get that great sense of achievement if I didn’t reach what I first that to be a unreachable goal.


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