Sneak Walk in 3D

I decided to have a go the other day in the studio at trying a 2D hand drawn sneak walk, i haad about 3 attempts at it and got very fustrated, it just wasnt't working at all, so i thought id give it ago in 3D, now ive been using Richard Williams' Animators Survival guide, making different cycles etc, but i thought i woner if i could apply this to 3D in the same way, so i animated on the same frame rate as i would of hand drawing it, and low and behold i feel like it's worked, im actually very pleased with this, it could do with a few tweaks in places, but overall im happy.

My First Rig!

Been set an assignment of copying my own walk in 2+3D animation, putting my own personality into my walk, and basically copying my own walk, anyway i think i should be okay at doing this in 2D, but i think 3D is going to be a big challenge, so ive been playing around with the rig and trying to get a feel for how it works etc, i realise that this walk is a bit slow, but i was making it slow on purpose, so i could see where key moments were and so i could see where to put the toes moving etc. Anyway here it is from two different Angles.

3D Walk Cycle

Here is my 3D walk cycle, it's playing at a slower speed than i want it to, and im not 100% sure why!

Walk cycle

I haven't had anything to update on here for a while, but now i do, here is my 2D walk cycle!


After completing my garage in maya, it was time to start work on modeling the bear, now this is the bear from open season i would like to add, and it all started as a cube! this tutorial took me through so many different things within maya, such as simple extruding, dragging out faces and manipulating them, then taking me into the world of vertexes and getting detailed shapes, which then lead into using edge loops to get an even more detailed realistic finish, then it took me into texturing within maya, which i found incredibly confusing! however it was very rewarding, really improved my understanding of how maya works, and what tools do etc, it doesn't seem as scary now!

I was set the task of creating and animation based on the 2d cubie animation, being a big advantage the character cubie was already made, so i didn't have to worry about that, basically this was just applying the squash and stretch technique in 3d

Today we made a stop frame animation using a digital stills camera, i didnt much enjoy it, stop motion isn't really something i enjoy, i don't mind doing it but i would much rather be creating something in Maya or something.
Although i took a few things away today about timing, like the frames we were using, the frame rate i mean, how much we could jump a movement inbetween frames. but overall im happy with the end product.

This was a 2d assignment set, basically making a start in learning about the timing of animation, also it is an introduction to the squash and stretch of an object as it moves. Me personally, i think 2d animation, especially hand drawn, is amazing, so much time and effort goes into it, and the end result is amazing, however im more interestd in the 3d aspect of animation, i enjoy the technicallities of animation and the technilogical problems that i have to overcome, learning a programme and creating something within it is more my thing.

My Garage

This is my first 3d animation made in Maya, that isn't an assignment, from doing this i learned a lot in maya, like how to switch between certain things, using the hyper shader, different textures, colouring, animating, rendering, keyboard shortcuts, of course my knowledge so far into this is at a very low level but now im just looking foward to building further on this knowledge and increasing my power within Maya.

I have been using maya, i have an amazing tutorial book for it, and im up to the second project, im really enjoying it. ive just started to learn the basics, and i produced this "garage" in my first proper attempt, and this is only from the basics, so i am really looking forward to learning more advanced and technical things!

My First History And Theory Lecture

I had my first lecture with Ann Owen today, i was completely dreading it, when your told you have a 3 hour lecture on history and theory, it's enough to put anyone off, but i was pleasantly surprised, i was completely overwhelmed with information, but it was good because i feel like i have taken a lot away from today, like for instance a very interesting quote " Study the historian, Before you go an study the history" i thought that was brilliant!

We watched some very interesting animations and one of witch was Skeleton Dance, I found this piece to be very hypnotic, for the year that it was made (1929) according to the imdb, it is seamless, every single second of this animation flows incredibly! this i think is a golden little piece and one that i won't be forgetting for a while.

And this film here, Felix Turns The Tide (1922) again has incredible seamless animation, weather this be cell animation i don't know, but it is fantastic, i really made me look on in amazement, for something made over 80 years ago, and for it to still have this effect, brilliant, goal achieved i would say.