Apparently, Apple are bringing out a touch screen computer, called an iPad...mmmm... anyway, i was asked to try and make a graphic that would represent this, so i combined the iphone interface with an iMac, not very adventurous, but with the journalists speaking over it hopefully it will make sense.



I done this in after effects from a tutorial, it took me a long time as it was my first real attempt at anything in after effects, i did it in red instead of blue to add my own touch to it, however i must say say the tutorial looked a lot better in blue!

Welcome Back!

Well, i have just realised i havent been here since the 24th of november, so time for a quick update, it's great to be back at university! Ive had a lot of ideas for some little animations so im looking forward to maybe making them! im really looking forward to working with after affects and the broadcasting students on the live at 5 online news show, which should be great experience! so i will be back here no doubt in the next couple of days with some sketch work!