Sneak Walk in 3D

I decided to have a go the other day in the studio at trying a 2D hand drawn sneak walk, i haad about 3 attempts at it and got very fustrated, it just wasnt't working at all, so i thought id give it ago in 3D, now ive been using Richard Williams' Animators Survival guide, making different cycles etc, but i thought i woner if i could apply this to 3D in the same way, so i animated on the same frame rate as i would of hand drawing it, and low and behold i feel like it's worked, im actually very pleased with this, it could do with a few tweaks in places, but overall im happy.

My First Rig!

Been set an assignment of copying my own walk in 2+3D animation, putting my own personality into my walk, and basically copying my own walk, anyway i think i should be okay at doing this in 2D, but i think 3D is going to be a big challenge, so ive been playing around with the rig and trying to get a feel for how it works etc, i realise that this walk is a bit slow, but i was making it slow on purpose, so i could see where key moments were and so i could see where to put the toes moving etc. Anyway here it is from two different Angles.

3D Walk Cycle

Here is my 3D walk cycle, it's playing at a slower speed than i want it to, and im not 100% sure why!

Walk cycle

I haven't had anything to update on here for a while, but now i do, here is my 2D walk cycle!