My First History And Theory Lecture

I had my first lecture with Ann Owen today, i was completely dreading it, when your told you have a 3 hour lecture on history and theory, it's enough to put anyone off, but i was pleasantly surprised, i was completely overwhelmed with information, but it was good because i feel like i have taken a lot away from today, like for instance a very interesting quote " Study the historian, Before you go an study the history" i thought that was brilliant!

We watched some very interesting animations and one of witch was Skeleton Dance, I found this piece to be very hypnotic, for the year that it was made (1929) according to the imdb, it is seamless, every single second of this animation flows incredibly! this i think is a golden little piece and one that i won't be forgetting for a while.

And this film here, Felix Turns The Tide (1922) again has incredible seamless animation, weather this be cell animation i don't know, but it is fantastic, i really made me look on in amazement, for something made over 80 years ago, and for it to still have this effect, brilliant, goal achieved i would say.


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