3 Long Days In The Studio

Okay, The 3 of us have been in the studio all day for the past 3 days, and produced the basis of our room for our Virgin Ident, it is a test room as of yet, but im so happy with it, i havent produced 3D work to this standard as of yet.

The pictures are in order, from when we started to the end of the 3rd day, we had a very efficient system running.

We began working on the idea, and all began modelling something each, after which we digressed off into certain things we were making for the bar area, kai began making glasses and furniture, liam began making bottles and furniture, and i began by making the actual bar and room, then i made the shelves.

we thought it would be a great look if there was a mirror behind the shelves, which after a bit of work, is now a mirror. Also i spent a long time time trying to make glass look real, in the end we ended up using a Blinn, but it still has given a nice result...for now anyway, i would like to improve on it.

This is also the first time i have played with lights and the UV texture editor, and i fell into the snowball effect, got excited, overlit everything, and over textured things and it looked awful. After steppign back and looking at it, i went back in and started changing things, was got rolling with it.

All in all we have worked fantastically together, weve all inputted ideas, talked about ideas, and made contributions, i have also very much enjoyed making this.


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